That gas furnace worked great

This past Summer as well as fall months were unusually hectic for me.  My oldest son was preparing to leaving for university, as well as our younger son was heavily involved in his interests.  My partner switched to a new job, as well as our father fell off his roof as well as ended up in the hospital for a few days.  Along with all of that, the water heating system ruptured as well as flooded the basement. I was also dealing with squirrels in our attic.  Although I tried to prepare for winter, I was completely overwhelmed to schedule preventative maintenance for our gas furnace. I was so tied up shutting down the swimming pool, putting away the patio furniture, as well as making sure the snowblower was ready to go, I never gave the gas furnace a thought until the temperature abruptly dropped.  When I happened to turn up the control component as well as start the gas furnace, it blew a ton of dust into the house. The moderate air smelled similar to burnt hair as well as the heater was far louder than usual. I considered contacting the local HVAC contractor for service, although I simply did not have the necessary time. While the gas furnace absolutely wasn’t truly working at its best, it managed to keep the living area satisfactorily warm.  It did run for much longer cycles, but, as well as, cost myself and others a notable deal in monthly energy costs. I absolutely hoped it would make it through the Winter without a problem. Unfortunately, it quit during the Christmas holidays, when the outside temperature had dropped down to thirteen degrees. I was so forth forced to call for Emergency Service as well as pay overtime charges, which was super lavish. After the serviceman completed the gas furnace repair, I signed up for a maintenance plan.