That does make some sense

My brother and sister-in-law recently moved to a up-to-date new home that is only about ten seconds from a major port, beach, marina, and a whole fishing area, and they also have a boat, plus a swimming pool! In fact, there isn’t much they don’t have. If my sister-in-law wants it, my brother gets it for her. He has really been truly generous, and he always still is. I;ve always admired that about him greatly. Many people choose to downsize when they are preparing to retire, however they bought an even greater house! Their up-to-date home is so sizable that they have a pair of Heating and A/C units. They have an a/c unit that is for the upstairs plus a second Heating and A/C unit that’s for the downstairs living area. I thought it was truly modern, however it turns out that having several Heating and A/C units is undoubtedly not ideal anymore. Nowadays, any proper Heating and Cooling technician would tell the homeowners that the best heating plus cooling system would be one Heating and A/C with zone control rather than several separate Heating and A/C units. I get that. The benefits of only slightly cooling the upstairs while cooling more aggressively downstairs makes a lot of sense. The same holds true in the Winter… Why have the same heating & cooling for both areas of the up-to-date home when not one person is ever upstairs? They only end up adjusting the heating upstairs when they have guests who are staying up there because their own room is downstairs. Whether they have separate units or Heating and A/C zone control, I guess it is smart.