That chore list in your pocket better have HVAC stuff on it

There are periods of my day to day life that I simply can’t remember.

I am in my 50’s so, this would maybe stir the alarm for some sort of cognitive problem.

This might be the case if I hadn’t been this way nearly my entire life. I can remember being sent to the post office by my mom as a kid. The post office was within a 20 minute walk and I would get distracted by just everything that was in front of me. There would be a Coke and some checkers at the store. Maybe shoot a hoop or two at the playground and then walk home. I hardly ever remembered to bring the mail. I can be this way in my adult life as well. There will be an HVAC service appointment that I have to be home for. I get home early but the sun is out so I decide to go play a bit of tennis. However, as I am getting my gear together, there is this feeling of forgetting something rolling around my brain. Then, I come back home to find a note on the door that I missed the HVAC appointment. This is why I have instituted the daily chore list that goes right in my breast pocket or my wallet. I have all my tasks and responsibilities down on this small sheet of paper. This is supposed to keep me from forgetting stuff and making my wife really irritated. I need to add changing the HVAC air filter to the list. I know I haven’t changed it in over 8 weeks. That is bad because an HVAC system needs maximum air flow to operate properly.

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