That all bothered me

When having our current building constructed all of us had huge plans for it.  It is a large steel building with a full attic section over the top plus all of us were happy to finally be able to afford the job. The finished building is actually nice plus all of us had planned for a garage, workshop, plus entertainment area.  The problem with a steel building is that fact that it is basically the same temperature as the outside separate from any insulation. It also echos any sound from the rain or falling debris from the trees. The two of us decided that all of us needed to add both weather plus sound buffering insulation to the entire inside of the building, but now, this was love closing the barn door after the horse got out in multiple respects. If all of us had just let the corporation do this to begin with he would have had the official ladders, tools, plus manpower to make the job much easier.  Now, all of us had to purchase a ladder plus spend weeks doing what would have taken a few seconds. The two of us wanted to be able to heat plus cool the entertainment section plus separate from insulation it would have been less effective plus cost us a fortune each month on our energy bills. Before starting any other projects in the building all of us called out our Heating plus A/C supplier to deliver us advice on the type of Heating plus A/C unit to install. He recommended a ventless gas furnace that could be fueled by a propane tank. This would enable us to heat the section when all of us wanted to use it separate from having to maintain a constant temperature all the time.  This was a fantastic plan plus all of us were able to install it before all of us finished the insulation. I only wish all of us had done more planning before going through with the project to begin with.

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