Thank you everyone!

Since I have run our own Heating plus A/C company for the last few decades, I have l acquired quite a few things about the Heating plus A/C industry that most people don’t know.

  • I get kids who have just graduated out of an Heating plus A/C program that thought they knew everything about the Heating plus A/C component they were toiling with.

They had been taught all of the theory plus book knowledge, but they were missing all of the practical experience that repairing plus installing gas furnaces plus a/cs for a few decades gives you. Though the Heating plus A/C field has changed in some ways plus has improved, Heating plus A/C component isn’t much unusual than it was when I first got a task at another Heating plus A/C business, one of the most frustrating parts about toiling in the Heating plus A/C field is that people abuse our knowledge. When I hire somebody for our Heating plus A/C business, I instantly begin teaching them plus training them to work on Heating plus A/C equipment. I show them all of the tips plus tricks that I have l acquired after all of these years, plus they become good as Heating plus A/C workers. Then, a single day, they will just quit their tasks plus start their own Heating plus A/C companies in the same city, becoming our competitors. Since they guess all of our prices plus buyers, they try to steal company from our Heating plus A/C business. I just don’t understand how people can be like that. I spent hours plus a lot of currency showing them everything that I knew about Heating plus A/C equipment, just for them to leave. They slander plus double-cross me! Whatever happened to people who are willing to work for an manager faithfully until they acquired a nice position in our business?

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