Thank god the heat is on

My girlfriend and I have been house-hunting for the past few weeks now. It’s an enduring process, often leaving us tired and irritated, yet we love every minute of it. We’re masochists, I know! It’s for a good reason, though, since there are a few things that all of us must have. Comfort over aesthetics is how we’ve been searching for our future home, so we’re prioritizing performance when we talk to realtors about what we want. Our utmost concern, given the climate we live in and it’s extreme temperatures, is central heating and air conditioning. Making sure all of us survive the worst of each season as it goes by is pretty important, obviously! We wish to remain comfortable above all else, in any climate or temperature that we’re dealing with. One of the other main questions we ask about a house is the state of the current appliances. How old is the refrigerator and dishwasher? What’s the condition of the washer and dryer for our clothes? And most importantly, are there warranties for these items? These are all important questions, but when we explain how central heating and air conditioning are integral to our comfort, the realtors we consult with begin to understand where our priorities lie. In time, hopefully, we’ll find a lovely house to call our own within the next few months.