Test driving a new Nissan

My older brother Evan just sold his business for a great deal of money and has retired. He is only twenty-nine years and is retired. He has a whole bunch of money to spend on fun things. He is currently installing an inground pool in his backyard. He lays in the sun, drinks iced tea and watches the crew dig the pool.  My older brother Evan also is in the process of choosing between a Nissan Skyline, R32, Skyline GTS-t, Nissan Silvia S13, or Honda NSX for a new car. He already owns a flashy sports car. He would like a Japanese based car because they have been proven to run more efficiently and longer. The drawback is that he can’t click on the car online and order it.  My older brother is now dealing with a JDM importer. He has to research into how to import a Japanese car to the United States. He has so much money at his fingertips that he is getting a second brand new car. He’s not even worried about the money. They need to ship his car to the US and then he will test drive it and see if he even wants it. Amazing what money can provide. I warned Evan that the car is probably a 100 years old, rusted, full of whole  and bright purple. Apparently the JDM importers monitor the cars brought into the USA. The car is the color you choose. Since it falls under the 25 year exemption rule, the car won’t be outdated. It will be in good condition when it arrives at my brother’s doorstep.

where can i buy a r32 skyline