Temperature problems at the office

At the office where I worked as a merchandising assistant, there was almost always an issue with the air conditioning system. It was either freezing cold in the office or it was super hot in there. The temperature was never consistent and the thermostat wasn’t great at regulating the heating or the cooling. I’m not sure what the problem was because the building was new and the HVAC system was supposedly a state of the art system. The company that I worked for was actually a home improvement company, too, so that made it even worse! You would think that if a company’s business was home improvement, including selling and installing HVAC equipment, they would be able to maintain their own corporate office headquarters! But that wasn’t the case. My co-workers and I all suffered while we were in that office. During the summertime when the air conditioner was running, I could swear sometimes that I could see my own breath while I was trying to work in my cubicle. All of the merchandising assistants had what we called a “work sweater” at our desks and also a “work fan.” That way, when the furnace started running and wouldn’t turn off, we could put our work fans on our desks to try and cool off. And when the air conditioning went haywire and the office started freezing, we would just put on our work sweaters. I only worked there for about five years. Of course, after I left to start a new job somewhere else, the company put in all new HVAC equipment. My former co-worker told me that now they have zone temperature control and that the office environment has greatly improved.  

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