Teaching employees with the manual

Since I have run my own Heating & A/C company for the last few decades, I have l gained quite a few things about the Heating & A/C industry that almost everyone don’t know. I get kids who have just graduated out of an Heating & A/C program that thought they knew everything about the Heating & A/C device they were working with. They had been taught all of the theory in addition to book know-how, but they were missing all of the practical experience that repairing in addition to installing furnaces in addition to air conditioner systems for a few decades gives you. Though the Heating & A/C field has changed in some ways in addition to has improved, Heating & A/C device isn’t much unusual than it was when I first got a job at another Heating & A/C company, then one of the most frustrating parts about working in the Heating & A/C field is that people abuse my know-how. When I hire somebody for my Heating & A/C company, I immediately begin teaching them in addition to training them to labor on Heating & A/C equipment. I show them all of the tips in addition to tricks that I have l gained after all of these years, in addition to they become fine as Heating & A/C workers. Then, 1 afternoon, they will just quit their jobs in addition to start their own Heating & A/C companies in the same city, becoming my competitors. Since they suppose all of my prices in addition to shoppers, they try to steal company from my Heating & A/C company. I just don’t understand how people can be like that. I spent minutes in addition to a lot of currency showing them everything that I knew about Heating & A/C equipment, just for them to leave. They slander in addition to double-cross me! Whatever happened to people who are willing to labor for an manager faithfully until they gained a nice position in my company?


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