Talking about the time of year

I am such a sucker, and I can’t believe I’ve been bamboozled yet again. Every single day I’m thrown for a loop, and yet I never seem to learn my lesson. That being said, mother nature isn’t exactly making it easy on me, either. Yes it is that time of year.  The time of year when you have absolutely no idea if you should be using the heating idea or the cooling system. FOr instance, just Last month I was using our cooling idea every days to keep our house at a comfortable temperature plus now this new month I am being forced to use the heating idea every day instead because it is so chilly this week.  I consistently find this wonderful time of year to be genuinely frustrating at home because you don’t guess how to dress your girls for university, and definitely you don’t guess where you should turn the heating idea on. My girls are equally frustrated at this point as well. They were all happy to bust out the shorts plus sundresses for a few days, and they were loving not having to bundle up before going outside.  Then this same day when I woke up it was abruptly 37 degrees. Again, I had no option but to flip the switch back to our heating system. I realized I also had the girls dress in long pants plus long sleeves for university. I am convinced that 1 of these day that little switch on the thermostat is going to decide to go on strike plus just chop off one and for all. It would be genuinely nice to just make one single switch to the cooling idea until fall.

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