Taking out the a/c showed a lot of mold

On a warmer Summer afternoon, my window air conditioner stopped working in my home office.

My house does not have central a/c, so the window device AC is my prime source of cooling down my home.

It was a real sizzling day so I went to turn the air conditioner device on while I cleaned the house. The fan would switch on as well as I could hear the motor trying to work, but there was no cold air coming from the air conditioner unit. I immediately called my landlord to send a HVAC contractor out to take a look at the air conditioner unit. When I told my landlord what was going on, he knew that the entire device would really need to be swapped out. The air conditioner device could have been serviced since I lived there. It would be more cost effective to update the entire air conditioner unit rather than try to repair it piece by piece. This would require an air conditioner expert to come out as well as unattach the old air conditioner device from the wall in the home office. This had not been done in 10 years, as well as there was no way to tell what condition the inside of the wall would be once he removed the old air conditioner unit. Oh my goodness, there was bacteria growing inside the wall once the air conditioner device was taken out! My landlord was required to get me a hotel room while the bacteria was eliminated from the wall. If a house that you are renting has bacteria, it is considered not livable, as well as it is the landlords responsibility to take care of this as soon as possible.
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