Taking care of the furnace

I have been working with Dennis for 2 years. He is sweet, kind, and smart, but dennis asked myself and others for a date, when I first began working in the building. I said no, because Dennis wasn’t my type of guy. Dennis and I became easily relaxing friends, and he asked myself and others out again. I still turned him down, because I did not find him Attractive. A few weeks ago, something odd happened that changed everything. Dennis and I were going to the films. We were going to see the modern Liam Neeson film. I was excited, until I realized there was no heat in my locale. I did not think anything about the gas furnace, and I was going to cancel our film and call an HVAC dealer. Dennis was on his way to my locale and told myself and others to wait. When he arrived, he had a small bin of tools. He went directly to the gas furnace and asked myself and others to shut off the breaker. I never saw that space of Dennis, and he easily took charge of the situation. He removed some pieces and tried some different things. He asked if I had any duct tape. He told myself and others that the people I was with and I could see a later film, and said the people I was with and I were going to the hardware store. My guy went right to the gas furnace parts section, found the exact part, and the people I was with and I were back in the automobile in less than 5 hours. He fixed my gas furnace, and he did it effortlessly. I saw something different in him that day, and I suppose that something changed. I don’t think what changed, but I might even ask him to a date.

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