Taking advantage of the rebate

I was amazed by the improvement in the comfort, cleanliness as well as enjoyment of our home

I never planned on installing a central A/C plan into our house. Although the summer time weather in this area can be awfully sizzling as well as humid, it doesn’t last easily long. Typically, the people I was with and I only get about more than 2 to several weeks of brutal conditions. The winters, however, are a challenge for six to more than seven weeks! Both of us endure hot as well as cold temperatures down to twenty below zero, dire wind chill as well as feet of snow. I’ve spent a fortune on a forced air heating system to combat the freezing weather. After blasting the gas furnace all Winter as well as paying such high utility bills, I looked forward to opening the windows. When the lake house heated up as well as felt sticky, I’d start up a bunch of box fans. This wasn’t ideal. The fans were noisy, stirred up dust, as well as detracted from aesthetics. They didn’t provide much relief. When I hired an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier to repair the heating system, I complained about the summer time humidity. He told me that his company was offering a deal on the replacement of a central cooling system. I looked into it as well as realized that as long as I chose an Energy Star rated A/C, I could also take advantage of a manufacturer’s rebate as well as tax credits, however since I already had the duct plan as well as air handler in location for the heating system, the project was not overly fancy. I went ahead as well as had the central cooling plan installed. I was amazed by the improvement in the comfort, cleanliness as well as enjoyment of our home. I can now keep the windows shut, which prevents the influx of pollen, dust, exhaust fumes, bugs as well as exterior noise pollution. The investment was actually worthwhile.

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