Taking action right now

I have had pretty disappointing air quality in this new beach home that I just started renting this year.

I have complained to the landlord about it and they said that there is nothing they can do because it’s not section of the lease agreement.

Actually in a way it is, and I pointed this out to the landlord that the venue was making me not believe well, then once I mentioned that, the landlord was pretty nice about it. And he apologized; He said he was going to take action immediately and see what he could do about getting an indoor air cleaner for the house. I had never heard of an indoor air cleaner before, so I decided to look online and do some research. I was pretty shocked to find out what he was talking about was a whole beach home air cleaner! These things cost thoUnited Statesnds of dollars! This landlord went from being the worst guy in the world to me to the greatest saint in the world! A whole beach home air purification program is about to be installed in our rental home in the next week or so. I have to tell you that you do not come across landlords care about this every day that would go and get a whole beach home air purification program just to make the tenant more relaxed in the home. He entirely didn’t have to go that far. He could have got a portable air purification program and offered it to me instead. This guy is not cheap…that is for sure!


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