Taking A Cool Break

During the summer, there is nothing like hanging out in the break room at my job during the lunch hour.

That happens to be the most hot time of the day.

And, the air conditioning in the break room is better than the air conditioning I have in my own home, and that is saying a lot! I have personally one of the best central heating and air conditioning units available on the residential market today. But, at work in the break room, it is one of those commercial heating and air conditioning systems. There is just something about commercial air conditioning systems that I like better than the general home air conditioning systems. It seems as if the air flow is more powerful coming from a commercial air conditioning unit instead of a residential one. And that is exactly what I feel in the break room at my job. That really nice cool, crisp and clean air flow from the commercial central heating and air conditioning system unit! Others at my job have mentioned the same thing about the air conditioning system in the break room. The air conditioning that is in the main part of the building where we work is really good too, but no better than our own home heating and air conditioning system. Maybe it’s the air vents or the size of that break room, but every weekday I look forward to the lunch hour in the summer, just to have that cool air conditioning break.

Cooling representative