Tagless t shirt printer ruins our fun day

Each year, my family has a large reunion event at the park. I have a ton of aunts, uncles, and cousins, and everyone gets together to celebrate the day. Everyone brings a covered dish with some food or dessert. We usually end up with four varieties of macaroni and cheese and three different kinds of cake. I don’t particularly mind, because I am a fan of both of those dishes. This year, my mom was in charge of the event. She decided to buy a used tagless t-shirt printer online to make shirts for the reunion event. My mom chose a nice tagless t-shirt printer that was reasonably priced. The digital printer was supposed to print t-shirts in multiple colors with sharp images and plenty of ABC fonts. When my mom received the tagless T-shirt printer, there were no directions inside of the box. My mom didn’t know the first thing about using the tagless t-shirt printer. My mom had to find the directions online and watch a dozen videos to figure it out. It’s a good thing that the printer was very cheap, because we had to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to use it. My mom purchased 70 different t-shirts to print, and every one of them turned out nice. Even the t-shirts for the babies had clear pictures and legible printing. They looked just as nice as the white t-shirts that were 2X and 3X size. My mom was happy with the printer as well, and now she has it for next year too.

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