Swim meet too cold

Every year during the winter season, my son swims for the county team. They always have practice at the YMCA, because there is a heated pool. The heated pool is a great place for my son to swim, especially when there is ice and snow on the ground. Before the YMCA opened, it was too cold to swim during the winter. My son couldn’t swim on an intramural team, because we didn’t have an indoor heated pool close to our home. When the YMCA opened a few years ago, we joined just for the heated pool. My son has swim meets every Saturday, and last Saturday was a huge debacle. The outdoor temperatures were very cold and frigid. I almost stayed home, because the roads were so treacherous. When we arrived to the YMCA, parents were gathered in the front lobby. They were complaining about the heater. Apparently the heater wasn’t working in the pool area. Even though the pool was heated to 90 degrees, the temperatures inside the room were only 56. The kids could not function with temperatures so low. Some parents were already complaining about the heater problem. I didn’t want to make things worse. I asked a friend if the heater would be fixed before the meet, and they replied with probably not. At that point, I decided to take my son home. I didn’t want to leave the house in the first place, and the broken heater was the perfect reason to leave. When my son saw his friend leaving too, he didn’t protest. We went to closest diner for pancakes instead.

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