sweating without any a/c

Last week, my daughter told me that she had a headache, and I had to keep her home from school.  I realized that this was the fourth times in two weeks that she had this kind of headache. I was hoping it was not migraines, and I decided to first go the easy route and have her eyes checked to see if she was having a problem with her vision.  I had never been to the eye doctor, so I had to find a optometrist in the area. We got there about fifteen minutes later so I could fill out the information sheet that pertains to nearly everything but the problem she was having with her eyes. I couldn’t believe they had their heating on, when it was in the eighties outside.  I idly walked over and looked at the thermostat, and it was set to seventy-eight degrees. It was not the heating, but the thermostat was so high, it wasn’t kicking on. I was surrounded by people, and I was beginning to sweat. We were called back to the office, and I began to shiver. The thermostat was definitely set much lower back here, because I could hear my daughter’s teeth begin to chatter.  I asked the doctor about the huge change in temperatures, and he said it was Zone Control. Every office could be adjusted so everyone had their own comfort. He walked over and turned the thermostat up so we were more comfortable. I learned about Zone Control that day, and I bought my daughter her new glasses.