Sweating my entire life

My roommate is obsessed with the odor of lavender. Then i guess his mom used a lot of lavender in his childhood or something. However because of this, everything is lavender scented… Our hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener and candles are all lavender! Since I don’t particularly mind the odor, I just let him have his way. Then when our roommate and I had to update our heating and AC system’s air filter, the two of us came across scented air filters. There are all sorts of scents you can option out for cooling filters. Then you can get lemon, Springtime flowers, baby powder and yup, lavender. My roommate was super excited by our find and said the two of us needed to stock up. So the two of us bought around 40 scented lavender air filters… After using the scented A/C filter for a week, I can tell you I am not a fan. However lavender is wonderful in soaps and candles, not so much in air filters. I guess the reason is that an air conditioner filter is meant to catch dust from going into the heating and AC equipment. The lavender odor mixed with dust is a gross odor. It kind of reeks like old, grimey lavender in our locale. The smell is so bad that I have even looked into media air cleaners. I wanted to see if the media air cleaner would be cheap enough and repair the odor. It would be a costly investment. What our roommate and I need to do is just toss all those filters and get new ones. My roommate is not willing to give up though… He thinks if the two of us clean the heating and AC enough, the bad odor will go away.

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