Suspicious homecoming

As any parent knows, dealing with teenagers can be difficult.  When you kids are younger you think that things will get easier, however, most of us learn that those were the easy days.  We had control over where they went, who they hung out with, and even what they ate. Once they are older and can go places on their own, the worrying begins and never seems to stop.  We have three boys and they are ages seventeen to twenty one. All of them live at home when they are not at college and sometimes this can cause issues. Last Summer we finally decided that we could trust them to stay home on a long weekend while my husband and I went away for a much needed break. They promised to take care of the house and only have a few friends over.  My husband insisted that it would be fine but I was suspicious from the start. We left early on Friday and planned on returning late Sunday afternoon. My husband texted the boys a few times to check in and assured me that all was well. Upon our return all looked ok on the surface, but, they didn’t do as well hiding the evidence of a party as they thought they did. The first give away was the fact that they had built a fire in the fireplace.  It was summer time and there was no reason for that. The half burned beer can in the ashes was a give away too. Then, after a few minutes I realized the the thermostat was at its lowest setting and the house was freezing. This was probably to compensate for the heat from the fire the night before. They did clean the kitchen and sweep the floors but we were well aware that a party had taken place.

gas fireplace