Surprise pool construction

My husband used to be an avid swimmer.

He was in the running to go to the Olympics 30 years ago.

He always said he wanted a house with a swimming pool. However that never seemed to be in the budget. With 4 kids there is always something else that took precedent. Every time we moved to accommodate our expanding family he would look at the houses with swimming pools but we always ended up buying the houses that were closer to the school instead. Well all of the kids are grown now and my husband and I are not getting any younger. This year will be our 25th wedding anniversary and I decided to do something special. I decided to have a pool constructed in our backyard. I hired a local general contractor to come out and make sure it was feasible. Then I had them get to work. Of course my husband noticed and I said I was having them put in a rose garden. It wasn’t long before he figured out what they were really doing though. He knows they are putting in a pool but I keep denying it. He is so excited and keeps talking about taking up swimming again. He also keeps asking when the pool construction will be done. The contractors told me it will be on the 28th. That is our anniversary. I keep playing dumb and acting like there is not going to be a pool though. This is a lot of fun but I can’t wait until the pool construction is complete. I have never seen my husband this excited.



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