Summertime love

We have all good summers in the past couple years. They have also been fairly busy and exhausting. For me, a great summertime includes lots of things I like. I have always been a dedicated fan of basketball, and shooting around in the driveways is a blast for me. I also love to do outdoor activities such as walking trails and even shooting my and plus arrow. When I have the opportunity, I spend the day on a nearby beach, or down by a pool. However, what makes a difficult summertime for me is excessive humidity and heat.  I can’t always cool off. One of my worst summers was when I didn’t yet have a central cooling system in my home. I was in my final year of college and . money was tight. I could barely afford my books, and car payment. I certainly couldn’t afford an apartment that featured air conditioning. I was living in a rundown apartment with the basic necessities and sharing it with four other guys. I had this huge fan that sounded as loud as a helicopter and it blew the air around in my room. I desperately needed at least a portable air conditioner to get some sleep and be able to study.  I was worried I wasn’t going to pass my fall classes. As luck would have it, my buddy caught wind of my complaints and offered me a free AC unit that he was getting rid of. I could not believe it! I was so happy. That little air conditioner fit right into my bedroom window and it totally changed my life. My room was so nice and cool, and I could finally sleep at night.

air conditioning unit