Summer weather and how I miss it

I recently just graduated from school, but getting through it all was real task and a big task all together! I was lucky enough to not have to go away to school or play the whole share a dorm room game with some strange idiot that may be a psycho in disguise… One of the main reasons for this is because I love my space, and I love having complete control over my own heating and cooling surroundings! I live alone, and I like it that way. I can set the thermostat on the wall to whatever temperature suits me that morning. If it is summer season time, I can crank it and freeze out the whole place if I wanted to, plus I can burn in a oil furnace and crank the heating as high as ever in the Winter time weeks if I am chilly. I can tell you, when I was preparing for the big test that decided if I graduated or not, if it was not for my own controlling of my heating and cooling plan by setting the thermostat on the wall to what i needed to have it at, I actually would have failed the thing, and would be stuck having to go through school and spend double the money all over again till I got it right! In a way, having proper heating and cooling to my own personal needs has created a money saving tip that should be placed on an energy saving tip website! Because if you do not control your own heating and cooling, you could spend double on school costs if in school!

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