Summer day weather

             Technology is something I really love. It can simplify life in so many ways.  Smart technology saves energy, is convenient, and tailors to your family’s needs in a way never before seen.  For example, I can unlock or lock my doors with a click of my mouse. I can program my smart crock pot to begin cooking dinner at a particular time.  I can even remotely start—and turn off- my car! Wow! Yet my Heating & Air Conditioning thermostat is about as technologically advanced as a tablespoon. It is not smart. It is hard to control. And, it does not allow me to tailor its settings to my individual needs.

            For instance, if I want my Heating in addition to Air Conditioning to be set to 74 degrees between 8-5 pm and then lower to 63 degrees for the night, I have to manually change my temperature up or down on the temperature control device.  I wish that the air conditioning unit could be programmed to fit to my needs. I want my cooling plan to be so individualized that I can program it down to the second, quick and easy. A Wi-Fi-connected thermostat controlled by my smart iPhone would be ideal!

                 If I had to leave on a company trip, I could just change my Heating & Air Conditioning settings on my smartphone, keeping the temperature warmer than usual on a summer day to conserve energy, or heating my house during a cold snap to keep my pipes from freezing. I assume I’ll call my Heating & Air Conditioning provider to find out if they have a technologically advanced Heating and to Air Conditioning control plan in the works. I would happily use it..