Strange noises could mean a serious HVAC problem

In the middle of the night, my house is very still and quiet.

I like the peaceful sound and lack of disruptions.

When there is a small sound out of the ordinary, I usually notice it right away. Last month, I had some problems with the air conditioner in my home. I didn’t realize there was a problem until the middle of the night. When everything was dark and quiet, I could hear a strange sound coming from the air conditioner. At first, I thought things would be just fine. Three or four nights later, the low pitched sound became much more annoying and loud. That’s when I finally decided to call the HVAC provider in our area. Since I only heard the noise at night, I was afraid they would be unable to find any problem. Luckily, the noise was just a symptom of the issue. The blower motor for the air conditioner was going bad. The sound I kept hearing was the blower motor working too hard. The HVAC technician suggested that I replace the blower motor on the air conditioner. He told me it was going to cost nearly $1,200. I didn’t want to spend that much money to fix an air conditioner that was already 8 years old. My next choice was to replace the entire air conditioner. It was a lot more money than a simple $1,200, but now everything is brand new and under warranty. I shouldn’t have to worry about any air conditioner problems for the next 3 years. My nights should be filled with peaceful sounds and lots of sleep.

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