Still logged into the company smart thermostat

I’m not one of those people who likes to burn bridges.

I like to maintain relationships in my life if at all possible.

Even if people have not been very good to me, I can generally see the value in keeping somebody around or at least on good terms. Everyone has something to offer, whether it’s a dazzling personality, a shoulder to cry on, or a fat bank account for unexpected loans. This mentality extends to my work relationships as well. I would never want to leave an employer with a bad impression or call my entire work experience with them into question. That’s why, as much as I wanted to destroy my last company when I left, I decided that it was best to play these subtle hand. Instead of ruining them out right, I would find ways to subtly drive them up the wall. Starting, at the thermostat on the wall. You see, when I worked there I was in charge of the heating and cooling system upgrade that we’ve performed. I arranged all of the HVAC appointments and did all of the research before selecting a heating and cooling system that would serve us well. Everyone was pleased with the HVAC system and I was happy about the smart thermostat that came along with the complete Heating and Cooling plan. Since I installed the smart thermostat, I also set up the passcodes and linked it to my phone. When I left the company, I didn’t lock myself out of the thermostat. Nowadays, when I’m feeling better, I pull out my phone and dial the temperature up or down a few degrees. It makes me feel good to know that they are feeling at least a little uncomfortable.

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