Step one, become a millionaire. Step two, help everyone stay cool.

There are times when I wish I was rich and capable of great philanthropy.

It regularly made myself and others cheerful when other rich folks would give everybody they could a new motorcar, pay off their credit card debt, or something costly such as that. I wish I could give presents to everybody in the world so they had something to appreciate just like I’m the Real Santa Claus. If I were going to give everybody something though, you know it would have to be something special. I would want to give everybody I could help some style of Heating plus A/C equipment. I know it would be the most fantastic to give everybody a fancy window cooling system unit for their home, however I realize that’s not fantastic enough for people who don’t need a massive cooling system. It would be fantastic to provide everybody, instead, with a portable Heating plus A/C component that had been equipped with both heating plus cooling capabilities, because clearly then everybody would be cheerful with their gift plus they would more easily be thankful. For those people who live in areas where they don’t have free and open access to power, I would want to give them some sort of renewable, solar powered generators so that they can use the new Heating plus A/C appliances whenever needed. It doesn’t seem like it will ever be a reality. But, if I just have to come across a lot of currency to make things such as that happen, I always will. The problem is, everyone who come across a lot of currency out of the blew just ends up wanting more currency.

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