Staying warmer with the heater

My dad always taught me to work smarter, not harder. Good advice from a good man, that advice stuck with me for my whole life. When I had my first job as a lifeguard, I worked on finding ways to keep the pool deck clean and improve safety around the pool area. It wasn’t my job to “lean out” the job, but I knew that taking these steps would make my job smoother. I carried this efficient mindset to every career I had, and also carried it into my personal life. For example, heating my home during the Winter is easy for me to do, and requires far less energy than most central heating and cooling systems. Rather than running the boiler for hours, I decided to use the stove to cook  for myself to get through the next few days. Running the stove for several hours makes the house much warmer than using the heating system too, and also allows me to handle meals for the next several days at the same time! A lot of friends of mine will come over after my all-day cook-offs, and they’ll ask how I manage to keep the house so heated. I tell them how I manage, and they ask me how it is that the house stays heated for so long after I’m done cooking. Well, that’s where excellent insulation came in handy! My home has insulation installed in the walls and the flooring and roof, which works to ensure that the house stays warm or cool for far longer than a house with standard insulation in the walls alone. Like my dad always said, work smarter – not harder. A modern take on that phrase would be “prepare today, sleep tomorrow”.

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