Staying at a bed & breakfast in a totally different climate

My wife and I went through a slew of options for our honeymoon destination.

At first we planned to go across the world and stay in Europe for a few days.

Then, we realized that we could get much more out of our honeymoon if we kept a more… domestic sense of where to go. So, we instead chose to do a road trip up and down the coast for two weeks! We toured through beautiful seaside towns, massive cities, and stayed in quiet villages nestled between mountains far up north. Of all the places we stayed, my absolute favorite was the bed and breakfast we stayed in for about four days. That place was beautiful! Other than the wonderful mountainside view, the house itself was equipped with all the fancy bells and whistles you’d see in a department store catalog. The heating and air conditioning system was definitely the highlight of the house, as the heated was generated by radiant heated floors throughout the home. Every inch of that house was kept toasty and comfortable, with absolutely no cold areas. Even drafts from the ductwork around the house were eliminated by the heat rising up from the ground! The air quality was also superb, enough to make you think that an air purification system had been running in the house the entire time you were there. I loved that there was practically no humidity either, so I could comfortably walk around in two layers of clothes and not be drenched in sweat! If I could revisit anywhere from my honeymoon, it would have to be that charming little house in the middle of the mountains.



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