Starting the fireplace

If it were up to me,  I would be living down south right now.  I would never need to turn on the furnace, or to start the fireplace.  I wouldn’t have to worry about snowstorms and lack of electricity, and wondering if my pipes were going to freeze.  Unfortunately, the decision is not solely up to me. I have a partner whom I have been with for over ten years now. He is always telling me to man up, but I don’t want to.  I love him to death, but I hate the cold winters that we experience here in the north. I didn’t really mind it until last year, when we had this freak blizzard. It dumped six feet of snow on our house, and I was shut in for over a week.  We lost our electricity which meant we didn’t have our furnace. It took over two weeks to get our power back on. I was worried about our pipes freezing, but we had heating. I was glad that we had the fireplace to keep us warm. My partner was in his glory.  He had his snowmobile out, and he was flying on top of the snow. I have to admit that he was out helping others who didn’t have heating in their homes, but he was enjoying the snowy weather, nevertheless. He just loves the colder weather, and he seems to thrive when the weather is at its worse.  As long as I have my fireplace and a blanket to keep me warm, I guess it will be okay.

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