starting a HVAC repair shop

When I wanted to open our own Heating plus Air Conditioning service business, my buddy Glen helped me get started. My buddy Glen was an honestly handy guy. Glen worked as a private contractor for more of his life. I needed his help and knowledge to get me started on our own company. I spent some time saving cash plus then we had a considerable size of cash. I made a few key purchases on property plus I managed to get a considerable amount of cash to buy our business. I chose to start smaller though; Another 1 of our friends decided to join me, as our assistant owner plus our 1st employee. The crew of us set everything up in a few short weeks. My buddy Glen wanted to work with me too. So I provided my buddy the on call position. My buddy Glen was delighted to answer the phones for the Heating plus Air Conditioning service shop, and for the first few weeks, our buddy Glen answered the calls, tied up the appointments, plus routed the day. My buddy Glen saved me from hiring another staff member, plus our friend did a fantastic task on the cellphone. I am constantly grateful for the time our friend Glen provided to work with me. Glen got the Heating plus Air Conditioning service shop all settled in as well. We have been in corporation for almost 52 years now, plus we have 21 other employees with the growth of the company overtime.

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