Standing tuck is not possible-no AC

On our bag list is being able to do a standing back tuck.

I am a gymnast and can do a lot of impressive things, and a standing tuck has always been a goal of mine that just recently I have serviced. The issue is that I have to be the right temperature when attempted such a skill. If our feet get sweaty, I can’t make myself go over. My feet slip on the take off and then we completely open out of our tuck. I don’t want to get in the awful habit of that too… Unfortunately I don’t have a work out space with A/C. If I had a gym with quality cooling, I could tuck anytime I wanted. I would first moderate up, do some practice jumps and then crank the AC. I could then just tuck until our muscles got fatigued. There would be no slick feet, sweaty legs or sweat dripping down our body. But, I am not lucky enough to have AC and a large enough space. The only place I can do our standing tuck is outside. I drag a folding mat in our carport and do them. I wake up as early as I can stand it to beat the heat. At 7am it is still around 85 degrees though. I assume I have around 30 minutes before I will not be able to do them anymore. This makes me rush our moderate up and get nervous. At this rate I am never going to achieve our bag list item.
Heating tune up