Spring breakers trash furniture

This spring break was easily the most epic one I have ever experienced in all of my 22 years on this planet. I always approach spring break with fervor, and a desire to blow off as much steam as necessary before returning to school. I try to spend the week off doing nothing constructive in any way, and usually drinking and smoking all night every night. This year my buddies and I rented a cabin on the lake and really cut loose. Most of the week is kind of a blur, but by the time it was time to check out and go back home we realized a lot of the elegant furniture had been trashed. This was not a very fancy cabin, and this was not really high end furniture, but it was still very nice, and obviously pretty old. My friend Kenny had tried doing a keg stand on top of the coffee table, and broke off two of the wooden legs. Another friend, Mike, and had passed out on one of the leather couches and gotten sick. If you have never tried to clean beer-fueled sickness off of a leather sofa, I can tell you it is next to impossible. There was no way we could fix any of this, so we drove to the closest town and found a thrift store that sold some old Southwest furniture to replace it. I don’t know if this Southwest furniture is a suitable replacement for the items we broke, but at least we tried our best to set things right.

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