Spooky air conditioning

While my husband and visiting my parents, we decided we wanted to do some exploring of our own.

I have always thought the idea of going on a ghost hunt would be fun.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but the idea of being able to be alone in the dark with my husband, was quite a turn-on. I also thought it would be cool since it was at night. We got to where the haunted excursion was to start and I hadn’t realized the prison was underground. I also didn’t know it was an asylum for the criminally insane, nor did I know that people were chained her until they died of starvation. I was getting freaked out just thinking about it. We were given some ghost detectors and some flashlight and we headed inside. I was relaxed by the amazing air conditioning they had inside. It was so cool that I knew that had to be spending a bundle to keep this place air conditioned. I mentioned something to our guide about the AC and he said the cool was from the rock. It was always cool when you got this far underground. He also said a lot of the cold air waves were from the spirits that hide in the walls of the stone. This gave me the creeps but I was convincing myself it was all part of the ghostly tour. I was glad when the tour was over. I was glad to feel the heat of the outdoors and I couldn’t wait to get back to my mom and dad’s house.


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