Splurging on the big suite with heated floors

When I go on vacation I like to travel the country and stay in multiple hotels.

I usually stay in cheap hostels, bread and breakfast spots or little motels along the way.

I then splurge for the last night of the trip on the big hotel and the best room that they have. It is a nice little conclusion to the end of the trip. Also, I don’t take any amenities for granted. After spending days in tiny twin beds that have deflated pillows, a giant king sized bed with eight pillows is a dream. The best is finally getting climate control. I typically go on vacation to countries known for being cold. So I earn better heating as the trip goes on. In hostels and motels the heating situation sort of stinks. There might be a fireplace or a radiator in the room. The heating system is never set to a comfortable amount and I typically don’t get thermostat control. When I get to the big suite, I have a way better heating situation. One of my best nights was at a hotel that had heated flooring. The lobby, kitchen and all the rooms had hydronic heating. I believe there was a boiler system in the basement that had piping hooked to it. Then the hot water from the boiler flows through the pipes. The hydronic heating under my feet was amazing. I remember that the bed almost felt heated with the hot floors under it. After showering, letting my feet touch the hot floors was spectacular. It was almost like staying in a classy, swanky spa.



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