Spending trip south hiding inside with air conditioner –

I live in the extreme northeastern part of the country, where the weather is typically cold and wet. The winter season often lasts for eight straight months, and we’re accustomed to temperatures well below zero, brutal wind chill and tons of snow. I am not thrilled with the severe cold. It forces me to spend the majority of my time in the house. I’m very dependent on the furnace and pay huge monthly energy bills. Last January, I decided to visit my cousin, Tammy down south. I was looking forward to spending some time outdoors, enjoying the sunshine. Since the temperature at home was down to eight degrees, I was anxious to leave my wool coat and snow boots behind. When I arrived at Tammy’s house, I was shocked by the weather. The temperature climbed into the mid nineties during the day and cooled off very little at night. The relative humidity was so high that I felt constantly sweaty and fatigued. I was very thankful to step inside the air conditioned home. My cousin explained to me that she keeps her air conditioner running just about year round and spends a fortune on her electric bills. I didn’t think that there was any way the heat and humidity could be as problematic as the northern cold. I was determined to get outside and soak up some sun. After an hour in the heat, I retreated back into the house. Despite putting on sunblock, I ended up with a sunburn. That was my only attempt at spending time outside. I divided my time between Tammy’s air conditioned house and various air conditioned businesses. Without an effective cooling system, it would have been impossible to sleep at night or accomplish anything during the day.

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