Spending time with mom

Last week my mother flew up from the south to come and spend time with me for two weeks.

She is officially retired from work now, and with all of the free time that she has she can finally do fun and spontaneous trips like this which I am thankful for. My mom has always been the type of person that gets cold extremely easily. Even while living in the south her entire life she would still constantly complain about it being too chilly even if the venues didn’t even have air conditioning installed. I certainly wasn’t in the mood to hear her complain about the temperature for straight two weeks, so I decided to be proactive and have the local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company install a brand new heating and cooling unit in my home. I had been needing to get a new heating and cooling unit for awhile now anyways, and there wasn’t going to be a better time than now. When I picked my mom up from the airport and we were making our way back to my place I was still a bit nervous that it wouldn’t be warm enough for her. After seeing her face while walking inside and dropping off her bags however, I knew that it had been money well spent. With the problem of being too cold out of the way we ended up having an amazing two weeks together. She is even considering spending the entire summer here with me, but only if I make sure to keep it as warm and cosy as it is now.


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