Space heater in the bedroom

When I was younger, I told pretty much everyone in our family that I never wanted to have teenagers because they were too much trouble. I wanted a life in a work that I loved, plus I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to ever get married. As I grew older plus went to school, our idea of never having children plus possibly never even getting married hadn’t changed. After I graduated school, I met a relaxing guy plus fell in appreciate with him. The two of us were married, plus a single year later the people I was with and I had our first little boy… Fast forward 10 years, plus the people I was with and I have more than two attractive children, plus I am a full-time stay at house mom. I never dreamed this would be our life, however I wouldn’t change it for the world. One of the things that comes along with motherhood is worrying about your children, and you see, our teenagers share a study room, plus it is at the front of the beach house where most of the wind hits, plus it tends to get pretty chilly in their study room at times. My hubby asked the teenagers if they ever got cold at night, plus they said that they never did. That wasn’t a relaxing enough answer for me, plus I wanted to find a way to keep the teenagers room warmer appreciate the rest of the house. After some time, I convinced our hubby to go out plus buy a small space gas furnace for the teenagers study room. He did, plus their study room now stays warmer throughout even the coldest mornings. I am glad to have peace of mind knowing that our teenagers are warm while they are sleeping.

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