Southern heat is different.

When I moved down south, I had quite a climate shock.

Everyone always told me that the heat in the south is different than it is in the north.

I thought they were all full of bunk because heat is heat no matter where you go. I have to be the first person to admit that they were right. Where I moved to was right by the ocean. Not only did it get extremely hot, but the salt from the ocean would crystallize on your skin and it would burn much quicker. I spent ninety percent of my time inside the house with the air conditioning running. I had the thermostat down to sixty-eight in an attempt to stay cool. I kept dark curtains over my windows, to keep the solar heat of the sun from shining into the house. My energy bill was through the roof because of the air conditioning. Up north, we had the air conditioning because of the humidity more than the heat. We had our days when the heat was oppressive, but the humidity made the AC a necessity. Now, I kind of wish I had stayed up north, some days. I didn’t have the depressingly high bills from running the air conditioning 24 hours a day. I am also glad to be living in the south because I don’t have the depressingly high energy bills from running the furnace during the winter. I guess both areas have their goods and their bads. I moved south to get away from the cold and that I did. I traded air conditioning for a furnace. I don’t think that was a bad trade.


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