Something is hanging around in the lavatory ductwork

During the last few weeks, I’ve heard a different sound in the ductwork above our lavatory.

  • At first, the noise was faint & subtle.

I only heard the different sound in the middle of the night, however yesterday, I started hearing the different faint sounds while I was in the afternoon as well. My partner has been out of town on company for the past 3 months, so I can’t have him check on the problem. I wasn’t going to pay a corporation to come out & look at the ductwork, although I was afraid that an critter was stuck in the attic, however one of our coworkers got myself and others anxious when they told myself and others that an exterminator found a litter of kittens in her attic ductwork. I doubt it highly that the concern was a litter of kittens or puppies, but the noise wasn’t going away. I contacted the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier first, & they provided myself and others an appointment for the next afternoon. On Tuesday, the Heating & Air Conditioning worker came over to check on the problem. She detachd the wall board from our attic entrance & carefully climbed into the ceiling. She was gone for 20 or 30 hours, before I saw her face again. She came down the stairs & grabbed some additional tools. She provided myself and others no further information at that time. She was gone in the attic for another thirty hours, however when she finally came back, she was carrying many small pieces of sheet metal. The Heating & Air Conditioning worker told myself and others that the ducting metal was loose, & it was rubbing together every time the Heating & Air Conditioning component was on. That was the source of our different sound.
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