Someone needs to warn me

I have finally come across an issue I never thought I would see in our life–a draft I cannot fix. I’m accustomed to living in quirky outdated homes with their own odd little complications. Though I’m a young woman, I already believe how to maintenance a wonderful deal of things. I can mend a toilet that won’t stop flushing, seal up windows in a pinch, heat up a kitchen while I was in a power outage through the use of candles, and I can even light a gas boiler that doesn’t have a pilot light switch. I’ve mended drafty windows and doors with everything from actual door sealing socks, blankets over curtain rods, and at 1 point in time, towels. But I have faced an enemy I cannot suss out–a drafty slider door. What’s worse, is the thing doesn’t even apply to be old–it still had the sticker on it when the two of us moved in! Unlike a normal door, I can’t put a door sock on it. As far as I can tell, the door is crooked in the casing, so it’s not closing consistently, then my girl suspects it wasn’t installed consistently. This dang door is making us lose rare heat from our oil boiler, and there’s nothing I can do about it however hang energy saving curtains over it. As its a main door for the home, I can’t seal it up and ask people not to use it either. I’ve called our landlord about it, but she says its brand modern and doesn’t need to be repaired. I’m just hoping the Energy Star curtains at least help keep some of the freezing air out, and then overheated air in. I’m all out of energy saving tips to try on this 1.

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