Some people got me interested in a good HVAC service plan

All kinds of people talk about a lot of things where I work… It mainly happens in our actual break room at lunch time! People are typically discussing all kinds of things.

From cable shows, to movies, to even personal items.

The other day, I clearly heard some convos going on that were useful to me for once! I heard a few people discussing this entirely superb Heating and A/C appliance service plan that the local heating and A/C business was offering to the public. It turns out, that this heating & cooling appliance service plan offers everything under the sun in terms of Heating and A/C needs. It includes Heating and A/C appliance repair, Heating and A/C installation of brand new & new Heating and A/C equipment, & also includes Heating and A/C appliance tune ups & check ups. If you happen to have a heating appliance, those are included in this plan as well. There was also a mention of discounted air duct cleaning & air duct sealing throughout the year if you are signed up for this Heating and A/C appliance dealer’s Heating and A/C plan! I couldn’t help but get involved with the convo & ask them more about everything. They offered me the contact information for the local heating and A/C dealer, & they told me to call quickly, because the special Heating and A/C service plan that was being offered was going to expire soon. Did I mention the price? You got all of those Heating and A/C appliance services covered under 1 yearly fee of only 95 bucks! That is 95 bucks for hundreds of dollars worth of Heating and A/C appliance services! I was right on the phone when I got back to my apartment from work that day, & I am now signed up on this wonderful Heating and A/C service plan!


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