Some other world interest

For the past year my wife as well as I have been 99% convinced that our house was haunted.

  • Our suspicions started when we being shown the beach house by our realtor as well as she mentioned to us that the house was over 150 years old.

I don’t guess about you, but we both felt as if anything that ancient has to have some type of paranormal energy inside. The next thing that really had us spooked was the things that started to happen once we started to make changes inside of the home. The ancient as well as run down farmhouse didn’t have an air conditioning system component so that was 1 of the first things that we addressed. As we were drinking root beer as well as reading outside while the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C repair tech was installing the new air conditioning system unit, we abruptly hear this massive as well as burly guy scream like a girl as well as come running down the stairs. We asked him what was wrong or if he had hurt himself while I was installing the air conditioning system component but he wouldn’t’ respond. We had to wait more than one more days until the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C company could find a new guy to send out. It is starting to think as if everytime that we add something new to the beach house or change it in any way, paranormal interest begins to sprout up. Strange sounds, lights turning on as well as off, our things will be misplaced, you name it! When we first purchased this beach house as well as moved in we were planning on staying here for the rest of our lives. With all of the spooky things that have been going on for the past year though, I know it might be a “flipping” project instead.
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