Solving the mystery of the hot summer house

My family and I love to take a week-long vacation every summer. We usually stay up north at a cozy cabin, but this summer we decided to go somewhere in which we could actually enjoy the hot summer weather. So, we stayed at this charming little beach house about an hour outside of town. It was a beautiful little house, but the big draw for me was that the house had just recently been renovated – including the entire heating and A/C system! I know how easy it is to get sunburnt and dehydrated at the beach, so I was looking forward to relaxing in the excellent cool air of the beach house after a long day on the shore. When we arrived at the beach house, however, it was practically an oven inside! There was no airflow unless we opened a window, and definitely no air conditioning system running. The worst part was that I couldn’t find the thermostat anywhere in the house! As I quickly grew hotter and more frustrated, I decided to call the owners of the beach house and ask what was going on. When I got ahold of them and explained the situation, the house owner began to laugh on the other end! Thankfully he quickly apologized, and explained that he completely forgot to put the smart thermostat back on the wall after he replaced the batteries. He told me where the thermostat should be, as well as where the mount for it was on the wall. Once I located the smart thermostat and put it back in place, the A/C system kicked on without issue. I was so relieved – this week was about to become the worst week of my life if we didn’t get some cool air circulating in this place!

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