So much dust in my air quality

My office is on the fifth floor of a big skyscraper… There are windows all over the Western face of the building, in addition to the morning sunlight can be exhausting.

Every one of us used to have some Shades to pull around the windows, when I started working here 10 years ago… Unfortunately, they have falling apart or broken completely.

No one has replaced them more fixed the broken pieces. I have been complaining about the Heat, because our office has more than two of those windows. The temperature in our office is at least many degrees warmer than the rest of the office. Even with the door left open, it’s still undoubtedly hot in addition to uncomfortable. I spoke with the office secretary about some shades for the windows. I have made more than two requests, however they have gone unfulfilled; My fiance suggested that I buy a portable A/C device for our office. Since I am not paying the electric bill, it won’t hurt to add another device to the room. I hate to spend many hundreds of dollars on a portable AC, especially when fixing the shades could undoubtedly solve the problem. I don’t know what I am going to do to remedy the situation, however it’s only getting harder in addition to harder. It’s only June right now, in addition to the daily hot in addition to cold temperatures are still bearable. Next week, the office is going to hot in addition to completely uncomfortable. I willhave to make a decision soon or face the heat again this summer.

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