So glad we got a better air filter

I know that my allergies can be really severe sometimes.  During the spring, they are really bad, but this year they are exceptionally horrible.  It seems that the spring rains has caused everything to be soggy, including my sinuses. It doesn’t matter what I do, I can’t find any relief.  The doctor has called in several different prescriptions, but nothing seems to have helped. Last week, I even missed a couple days of work because I was feeling so bad.  I don’t know what to do right now. I have my dehumidifier running, hoping to clear the air, but that is not helping. Now, I am at a loss. I was talking to my mom, hoping she would give me some sympathy and maybe make me some homemade chicken soup.  When she and dad arrived, I felt so much better. Dad went on a mission to find out what was causing my allergies to behave so badly. He asked me if I had my ductwork cleaned lately, which I was able to tell him the ductwork had been cleaned two months earlier.  Then he asked about the air filter. Since the ductwork had been cleaned, I hadn’t thought to change the air filter. He went downstairs and changed the air filter for me. He told me there was small deposits of mold on the air filter. It had probably come through when the ductwork was cleaned.  If dad hadn’t showed up and thought to change the air filter for me, I would probably still be sick and missing more work.