Snobby guy is an AC tech

I have always loved bowling, and I have been in a league since I was 7. My dad was an avid bowler as well, and he always took me to the alley on league night. My mom had the night with the girls, and my dad let me spend all evening in the arcade. When I was big enough to hold a ball, he taught me how to throw a spinner and take down all 10 pins. Before I was in Middle School, I was averaging close to 250 points every game. When I made it to high school, I didn’t spend much time bowling. I had to worry about my classes, and my girlfriend occupied a lot of my time. I did much better in college, and I managed to spend some time bowling with my friends. We always went bowling on Wednesdays and Saturdays, because the bowling alley had cheap frames on those days. Now that I am out of college and working full-time as an accountant, I really don’t have time to hit the lanes. Still, I decided to join a bowling league last month. I need to relax and find some way to spend some downtime. One of the guys in my league is an AC Tech, and he acts like he is the smartest guy in the world. I’m sure that it’s hard to be an AC Tech, because you have to be knowledgeable on a lot of different machines. Still, the guide talks about himself in the third person and describes every AC job that he has ever performed. A few guys in my league are aggravated too, because I see the look on their face. Having an AC Tech as a friend would be great, but this guy is awful.