Smokey bar

When I was in college it was still permissible to smoke in bars and restaurants.

One of our favorite hangouts was a club that had been around for so long, no amount of air filtration could ever have removed the smell.

In fact, your hair would need to be washed immediately and several days after visiting the bar there would be no doubt which clothes in the laundry hamper had been worn there. It had a distinct mildew and smokey odor. It didn’t help that I was contributing to the smoky odor. Several years later I had a job working on a military base. People were still allowed to smoke in restaurants and clubs on base but the trend was changing. People were becoming more health conscious and aware of second hand smoke. The managers of the clubs were being required to purchase air filtration systems to help prevent the smoke and cooking odors from circulating through the HVAC systems, thus making the restaurants and clubs more pleasurable for everyone. In today’s society, it is very rare to visit a restaurant that allows smoking. In most clubs, especially higher-end establishments, unless a smoking patron is sitting right next to you, smoke odor is no longer an issue. Even if you are not next to a smoker, the smokey air can be circulated through the air conditioning system. The implementation of quality air filtration systems that aid in cleaning the air that is circulated through the HVAC system has made going out for dinner and drinks a more enjoyable experience for all of us.

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