Smoke In The Home Causes Burning Eyes

I live with my brother for the moment. I am trying to save up money to be able to get my own apartment. Just having graduated from college, i’m in that transitional phase. My brother was kind enough to let me stay with him, and I thank him dearly for it and appreciate it. However, one thing I can’t stand is that he’s a smoker. And, he smokes in the house too. All that smoke lingering in the air really makes for some bad air quality in here, and it makes my eyes tear up and burn also! I really don’t want to complain, but I am getting close to having to say something about it. But, i figured out a temporary solution. I decided to go to the store and pick up one of those portable air purification system units. The portable air purification system unit I bought was not too expensive. It only cost me a little under one hundred bucks on sale. When I bought the portable air purifier home, my brother asked me what it was and why I bought it. At that point, I had to be honest with him and mention the smoke issue. My brother felt bad about it after I explained it to him. He then was actually really kind enough to start smoking outside for the remaining time I was going to be staying with him, and, my brother also insisted that he pay for the portable air purification system unit that I had just bought! I never knew my brother was so kind. I mean, I knew he was a nice guy, but not that nice!