Smart thermostats are the future

There are quite a few items and devices that I don’t consider to be in need of becoming “smart.” Sometimes, this tendency to mix unnecessary technology and Wi-Fi with what are usually mundane devices seems absurd. Take for example, the fact that a certain company has come out with “smart shoes.” You can literally press a button on your smartphone to lace them up automatically. It’s quite unnecessary, but I must admit, it’s cool in theory, kind of like hoverboards or flying cars. While that’s all well and good, I recently discovered smart technology that turned out to be very helpful to me. I upgraded my old “dumb” thermostat to a smart one. No, that doesn’t mean that it sets temperatures that it deems best because it knows better than I would, I certainly would not tolerate that. Instead, setting the temperature and general environment in my home has become a whole lot easier and convenient for me as a result of getting a smart thermostat. If I want to to manually set the temperature, I can do so via any smart device I possess, from anywhere in the house, and furthermore, anywhere in the world! This is so convenient! Also, there is another facet to the “smart” part of the smart thermostat. Eventually, as you set your own temperature preferences and schedules, the smart thermostat begins to learn those preferences so it can eventually set itself to temperatures and conditions that you would prefer, all on its own. That is so cool and totally worth the investment!

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